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Slot Machine Tips and Strategy

Tips to help you play slot machines longer

Slot tips and slot machine strategies are more or less wives tales providing new players with false hope. Simply put they don’t exist and there is no real solid strategy that will guarantee you that massive progressive jackpot. Nor is there a strategy which can predict the outcome of the reels. Our tips for playing slots online is meant to help players understand slot machines better and to preserve their bankrolls.

Slot Machine Tip #1 - Slots Clubs and Rewards Programs

Every casino offers some type of rewards program for their players. Las Vegas casinos do it and so do online casinos. These comp programs are similar to an air miles program. The more you fly the more points you earn and can redeem for free travel. Slot clubs work in the same manner. The more you play, the more points you receive and the better the bonuses and rewards you will be awarded with. While these slot clubs may not provide you with instant gratification, the points do add up and in no time you will be receiving free offers or additional bonuses. If your a US casino player and need information about Slots Clubs, the casinos listed below offer their own unique bonus rewards program for US slot players.

Slot Machine Tip #2 - Manage Your Money Wisely

Whether you’re a penny slots player or prefer to pull the $100 slots, bankroll management is key if you want to play for more than a few spins before going broke. You should only be playing machines which are within your limits even if the payback on that slot is better than the one you are currently at. Managing your money also means setting a spending limit and staying within it. Players should never attempt to win back the money they have lost.

Slot Machine Tip #3 – Slots with Higher Paybacks

You will notice slot machines have different payouts just like they accept different denominations. Don’t fool yourself into thinking each game pays the same. While there are regulations in place to set the payback percentage, the amount a player can win from one slot to the next varies greatly. Always look for the slot machine with the better payback rate. Here is a common scenario which demonstrates a low payback machine.

Slot Machine A is a simple three reel single line slot and with a max bet of 3 coins. Players who win the jackpot on the first coin will win 200 coins, on the second coin win 300 coins and the max bet awards 450 coins. In this example a player should only bet one coin since the second and third coin payouts don’t justify the risk vs. reward. You’re betting more money to win less.

Slot Machine Tip # 4 - Bet Max Coins

This slot tip plays with the one above. Understanding which slot machines you should only one credit is no different than knowing which games you should bet max in. First and foremost players who play any kind of progressive game should always bet the maximum number of credits or you lose out on the big jackpots. If your bankroll can’t afford to play max bet you should choose a smaller machine. Likewise if you’re playing at a machine which offers a better payback rate such as 400 credits on first credit, 800 credits on second credit and 1500 credits on third credit, you should play all three  coins since your payout rate is significantly better betting three than it is one.

US Casinos Offering Slot Clubs / Bonuses

There are a number of online casinos for US players who offer competitive slot clubs and / or bonuses. Win Palace and the new Casino Titan each provide slot machine players with an exclusive bonus catered towards them. The bonuses vary from one casino to the next, however players can expect to receive anywhere from $2400 up to $4000. Rewards programs are available and will allow you to earn additional bonus and promotions using your comp points. Each casino is licensed, regulated and 100% secure. Related articles - Progressive slots - Video bonus slots - Pub Slots

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