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Learning to Play Let it Ride

Where to Play Let it Ride at a US Online Casino

Let It Ride is literally one of the top casino card games played by American players, next to Blackjack. With a distinct similarity to poker, the Let it Ride is a very easy game to learn and follow. It’s not essential to understand how to play poker in order to play Let It Ride, since the object of the game is to have a hand of 10 or better. That said, players should learn and have a basic grasp on odds as it will defiantly help when betting.

How to Play Let It Ride

Let It Ride is played against yourself, meaning all you need to do is hold a pair of 10’s or better and you win. In casinos located in the United States the game is played with as many as seven players to one table, where as US players who play Let it Ride online will play by themselves. You will notice the table offers two separate payout charts. One of the charts is for your standard hand while the other pays according to any bonus bets placed if any was placed at all. The bonus bet is an optional side bet allowing you to qualify for an added payout. Land based casinos typically offer a standard payout chart where as online casinos usually have a progressive jackpot tied into any wagers placed on the bonus area.

To start the game you will need to ante by placing a wager in the circle in front of you and decide if you wish to place a bet on the bonus area. Once antes have been made the dealer will deal you three cards face up followed by two cards in front of him face down. Once the cards are dealt you will be given the option to check or raise. If your hand already holds a pair of 10’s or better (also referred to as a “no brainer”) you will of course want to raise your hand, which means place another bet in front of you. If your hand is less than a pair of a 10’s you will check your hand. The dealer will than flip the first card over allowing you to bet again followed by the turning of the final card. Once all the cards have been placed face up your hand will be paid based on the payout chart. Players who place a bonus bet will receive an extra payout based on whether or not their hand qualified.

Brick and Mortar Let it Ride vs. US Online Casino Let it Ride

Whether you play Let it Ride at a casino in Atlantic City or a US online casino, the same rules apply to the game except when it comes to the initial betting. When anteing, land casinos will require you to place all three bets on the table first. During each betting round you will be asked if you want to pull you bets back (if your hand is not strong enough) or allow them to remain if you want to continue. On the other hand, most online casinos for US players require you to place a single wager when anteing, followed by raising the bet or checking it based on your hand strength.

Understanding Odds

This is where strategy and odds in poker comes into play. It’s not necessary to know what the odds are but will certainly help you in maintaining your bankroll while playing Let it Ride. Having a pair of 10’s of better dealt to you with your first three cards isn’t always the most likely scenario. When you can understand your odds you will be more inclined to know when you should pay for the extra card or save your bets.

When to “Let it Ride” on the First Bet;

  • A pair of 10’s or better
  • Straight draw 5-6-7 or higher
  • Straight Flush Draw

When to “Let it Ride” on the Second Bet;

  • Pair of 10’s or Better
  • Flush Draw
  • Straight Draw

Let It Ride Pay Chart

  • Royal Flush Pays 1000: 1
  • Straight Flush Pays 200: 1
  • Four of a Kind Pays 50: 1
  • Full House Pays 11: 1
  • Flush Pays 8: 1
  • Straight Pays 5: 1
  • Three of a Kind Pays 3: 1
  • Two Pair 2: 1
  • 10’s of Better Pays 1: 1

Let it Ride Bonus Bet Payouts at US Online Casinos

  • Straight Pays $20
  • Flush Pays $50
  • Full House Pays $75
  • Four of a Kind Pays $200
  • Straight Flush Pays 10% of the progressive
  • Royal Flush Pays Progressive Jackpot

US Online Casinos Offering Let It Ride Casino Games

Let It Ride is one of the leading casino games played online, nect to Blackjack that is. Most US casinos offer this game and players can learn to play Let it Ride for free online or place a few bets. If your looking for a US friendly casino offering Let it Ride table games, we suggest you check Win Palace Casino, GrandParker Casino or Grandparker Casino.

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