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How to Play Craps Online

Rules for Playing Online Craps

Craps is a casino game in which players wager on the outcome of the total obtained when two dice are rolled. Central to the game is the craps layout where the bets are placed and the dice.

In land-based casinos the layout is placed on the craps table. The two end sections of the layout are identical allowing for more players to place their bets. There is a common central section as well. In online casinos the craps layout appears on the screen. Usually only one of the end sections and the central section are displayed. In land-based casinos the players take turns in rolling the dice. These are rolled across the table and bounce off the wall on the edge to ensure complete randomness. In online craps the rolling of the dice is simulated by the software. The random number generator of the software ensures the randomness. In land based casinos there are a number of casino personnel who manage and oversee the game. They are the stickman, the dealers, the boxman, the floormen and the pit boss. In online casinos the software performs all the functions.

The first step in the game of craps is to place the wagers. In land-based casinos the players can convert cash into chips at the craps table. The craps layout is divided into separate sections for the different wagers. The players physically place the desired number of chips on the table layout in the relevant section depending on the type of wager they want to place. For most wagers the players themselves place the chips on the table layout. However, for some wagers like place bets and free odds bets the chips are handed to the dealer to be placed on the table. In online craps players first click on the chip denomination and then on the relevant area on the layout in order to place the bet. The amount of the bet is automatically deducted from their balance. Once all bets have been placed the dice can be rolled.

In land-based casinos the player who rolls the dice is known as the shooter. He has no advantage in the wagering. The shooter selects two dice from those offered by the stickman. He then rolls the dice across the table and off the wall. The first roll is known as the come out roll. If 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 are rolled in the come out roll then most bets are settled. In that event the next roll is a new come out roll. However, if any other number is rolled in the come out roll then that number becomes the point. The shooter continues rolling the dice till either the point is repeated or till 7 is rolled. Once this happens the next player becomes the shooter. He chooses two new dice from the stickman and the sequence continues. In online craps the sequence of rolls is identical except that all rolls are stimulated by the software and there is no changing of shooters or of the dice.

In craps some bets are placed before the come out roll and others are placed after the point is established. Similarly some bets are decided in the come out roll and other bets are decided in subsequent rolls. In land casinos when a bet is decided and loses the dealer simply removes the chips from the table. If the bet is decided and wins, the dealer hands over the required chips to the player. In online casinos the software automatically performs the functions of removing the chips and making the payouts. Related Articles - Crapless Craps - Craps Betting - Craps Systems

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