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How to Play Las Vegas Strip Blackjack Online

Rules For Playing Las Vegas Strip Blackjack at the Casinos

Las Vegas Strip Blackjack is another variation to the traditional game with a few alterations to the general rules of play. This article focuses on the differences between Blackjack and Las Vegas Strip Blackjack and how to play this variation. The name is of course named after “The Strip” in Las Vegas and is one of the more popular variations played online and live. You can find it at nearly any online casino that offers blackjack tables. Before you begin playing Las Vegas Strip Blackjack you should first learn how to original game is played and make sure you have a strong understanding of how the rules change for this game.

Rules for Playing Las Vegas Strip Blackjack That Differ From Traditional Blackjack

  • The dealer will stick on 17 and will always check their hand to see if they have 21 first before any options are made.
  • Splitting aces is a bit different in that players will not qualify for a blackjack if the next card is a 10 value. If you split your aces and get a 10 value card on either or both hands, your hand value will only count as 21.
  • Splitting aces will force you to take only one card. Once you’ve received the card you hand will stop and play as is.
  • Splitting aces is only allowed once per hand. If you’re dealt aces again you won’t be allowed to split.
  • Splitting is allowed three times per round for a total of 4 hands per round.
  • Players can split any two 10 value cards. This means if you receive a 10 and a J you can split. You do not need to pair the cards in order to split.
  • Doubling down can happen on any twoof the first two cards dealt.
  • Double down bets must be equivalent to the amount of the original wager.
  • Players can purchase insurance before playing their hands only when the dealer is showing an ace.
  • When insurance has been purchased, players who split their hands will lose the insurance bet.

Although Las Vegas Strip Blackjack is similar to the traditional version, these subtle changes in rules can dramatically change the way the game is played and the odds. Make sure you understand them first before sitting down at a table and we also suggest you find a Las Vegas Strip Blackjack chart to have a better understanding of the odds against you based on different hands.

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