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How to Play Chinese Blackjack

Rules For Playing Chinese Blackjack

Chinese Blackjack is played with a standard deck of 52 playing cards with any number of players. The game is normally referred to as Chinese Blackjack, however may also be called ban-luck, ban-nag, and 21-point. Rarely will you ever find this game played in a land based casino but it’s not uncommon as a house game and when played at home, players can either designate a dealer or take turns dealing.

Dealing in Chinese Blackjack

Before any cards are dealt, players will be required to place their bets similar to the traditional version of blackjack. The dealer will deal each player in the game two cards face down. The hand will play out just like blackjack normally would with a few alterations.

Player Options in Chinese Blackjack

After looking at their cards to check for blackjack each player will decide if they will hit or stand. If a player stands at any time during the game, his hand is complete and will wait for showdown. If a player hits, they may hit up to 5 times at which point if the hand does not add up to 21 he holds a 5 -Dragon which pays 2:1 on his initial bet. If the hand does add up to 21, the player receives 3:1 on his initial bet.

Dealers Options in Chinese Blackjack

Once each player has had a turn to make their hands, the dealer will then proceed to finish his hand. The dealer options are slightly different from the player options. If the dealer has 15 or less he is forced to hit. If the dealer has 16 or more up to 21, he stands. If his hand value is 21 players will turn over their cards and lose their bets. If the dealer busts (goes over 21), the dealer loses and pays each player even money. If the dealer hits and receives 5 cards (5-Dragon) without busting, each player is forced to pay the dealer double their initial bet. If the dealer hits 21 with five cards, each player is forced to pay triple the bet.

How to Score in Chinese Blackjack

Cards in Chinese Blackjack have similar values to the traditional version of blackjack. All cards 10 - K have a point value of 10, and all cards below 10 are counted as face value. The biggest difference between blackjack and Chinese Blackjack is how Aces are counted. In the Chinese version, the value of an Ace is dependant on the cards in the players hand. If a player holds an Ace with one other card, the value of the Ace can be counted as 10 or 11. If the player holds an Ace and two other cards, the Ace value can be counted as 1 or 10. If a player holds an Ace and three other cards, the value of the Ace counts as 1.

The object of the game is to beat the dealer without going over 21. Nonetheless the payouts for Chinese Blackjack are quite different from the standard version.

Ban-Ban - If a player at the table holds two Aces his hand is considered ban-ban. When a ban-ban occurs the player will be paid 3:1 on his money unless the dealer also holds two Aces. If this happens the player has to pay the dealer 3:1

Ban-Nag - If a player holds a 10 value card and an Ace he has ban-nag, called Blackjack in the traditional game. Ban-nag’s are paid 2:1 unless the dealer has a ban-nag (push) or ban-ban. If the dealer has a ban-ban, the player loses automatically and pays the dealer 3:1. If the dealer ties with a ban-nag he wins 2:1 on the player’s initial wager.

15 Points - Once a player has a total of 15 points his hand is considered a free hand. He will have the option to continue with his hand or end his round. The same rule applies to the dealer. If the dealer chooses not to continue his hand, the game is ended, player bets are returned and a new hand will begin.

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