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Tipping the Casino Dealer

How Much is Enough When Tipping the Casino Dealers

If you plan on visiting the casino and playing any of the table or card games you should realize that it is customary to tip the dealer. This is a service provided to you and many of the dealers rely on tips as part of their income. Similar to a waitress, a dealer provides you with a service. This includes making change for you, ensuring that the game runs smoothly and providing you with your wins. Although some casinos allow the dealers to keep their own tips, these are often pooled together. You will see them drop the tips into a slot in the table. Players are not expected to tip if they lose, although you should realize that the dealer has no impact on the outcome of the game you choose to play.

How Much Should I Tip the Dealer?

This is entirely up to you. Some players will tip based on a certain percentage of their winnings while others may decide on a fixed amount and give it to them after their session, regardless if they walked away a winner or loser. When deciding how much to tip base your decision on your overall experience with that dealer. Were they friendly? Did they provide you with a positive experience? Did the game run smoothly or were there problems? With the dealers relying on their tips you will find the majority of these questions can be answered with a positive attitude. There are various ways you can tip the dealer. The first is by placing a chip on the table after you have received your winnings. The dealer will then take that chip and slide it into a drop box on the table. You can also give the dealer a fixed amount when you are leaving the table or provide them with a tip on the table every hour of play. This method works great because you will be tipping based on your overall winnings during that hour.

Over Tipping, Under Tipping and Not Tipping at All

Some players over tip, and you will find this with those who are more generous or beginners who are unsure of what to give. Over tipping is ok if you have been provided with a great time however this will not give you a sure fire way to win. There are people who under tip, and even those who don’t tip at all. In some cases the small tippers are often regular players and you will know this by the dealer’s conversation with them. Regular players provide plenty of additional cash to these dealers and although it may not seem like it during their initial game, over the long run it does add up to a substantial amount. Those who decide not to tip at all during a winning session are incredibly rude and unless you have had a terrible experience, or have lost your money tipping should be mandatory. A dealer is no different than someone who works in the food service industry, and the majority of people would never think of leaving the restaurant without tipping the waiter/waitress, so why would you not tip your dealer.


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