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Losing Casino Bets

Top Casino Bets That Will Cost You More Money

Most of the casinos offer players different options when it comes to betting. The bet you place will play a considerable role in your odds and the overall house edge. Some casino games allow bets with incredible payouts but with that also comes an increase in the house edge.  This is a list of the top 5 casino bets you should avoid.


Keno is one of the worst bets a player can make since it is essentially a lottery game. The house edge on Keno can run as high as 25% and even with only 10 numbers you’re still looking at an edge of 18.75%. Additionally players don’t understand that the odds of any given number being called will never change.

Big Six Wheel

This game varies from casino to casino in name but its available nearly everywhere. The big six wheel is one of the leading games you are bound to lose your money on. The player will place their bet on the table relating to a number on the wheel. If your number hits, you will be paid according to the chart. The problem is that the game has a house edge which varies from 11% on the $1 bet and up to 24% on the joker/casino bet. The only way you will walk away from this game with almost even money is by offsetting your main bet with other bets.

Caribbean Stud and Let it Ride Side Bets

The side bets for both of these games increase the casinos edge over the player and will deplete your bankroll quickly. A Caribbean progressive jackpot side bet has a house edge averaging 26% where as the Let it Ride side bet gives the casino a house edge ranging from 13% up to 38%.

Baccarat Tie Bet

The worst Baccarat bet you can make is the tie bet, and offers a 14.36% house edge whereas the Banker bet has a 1.06% edge and Player bet is averaging 1.36%

Blackjack Insurance Bet

Taking the Blackjack insurance bet is a high risk bet since you will only receive 2:1 payout while losing your initial wager. The only time an insurance bet is worthwhile is when you know that the deck has fewer than 8 - 10 value cards. The house edge on an insurance bet averages 8%

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