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Beginners Gambling Guide

Tips for playing casino games

Before you decide to sit down and place any bets on a casino game you should have a clear understanding of gambling and use common sense when making a bet.

Learn the Game First

Whether you choose to play blackjack or bet on your favourite sports team, you need to understand how to play before you jump in with both feet. Each game provides different risks, different payouts and even different rules. For example the rules for playing 21 vary signficantly from playing Vegas Strip or Chinese blackjack. While most players do eventually learn it’s always best to learn as much as you can about the game first prior to placing any wagers. By doing this you can often save your bankroll from being depleted or for those games such as slots  where players typically lose, you will at least have a better understanding of how the game is constructed to avoid losing more money then you have to.

Bet Sensibly and Understand Your Bets

Most games which are available to gamble on are designed to favour the house, even those which have been designed where players can use strategic decisions to decrease the house edge.  Players should learn the ins and outs of that game’s betting structure and any or all necessary strategies which can be used in the game. There are some online casino games offering side bets and while some may be more profitable than others players should at the very least understand which games will cost them more money over the long haul and those which can provide any added value.

Avoid Bad Side Bets

Although you may enjoy the extra bonus bets some of the casino games offer, if the side bet placed provides more risk over reward we suggest you stay away from them no matter how enticing those big jackpots appear to be. A game like Let It Ride only pays a side bonus with qualifying hands of a straight or better, and even then you are only getting 25:1 on your money. If you were to place 100 side bets and only see a return with 3 straights you’re still losing $25 on every $100 placed on side bets.

Know When to Quit

One of the biggest mistakes any player can make is to continue playing in order to win back their losses, be it at the slot machine or the blackjack tables. Understand that gambling is gambling and the odds are you will lose in most games. If you do begin to lose and find yourself upset, or attempting to double up to win those losses back our suggestion is to quit and play again another day. Players should never gamble because of boredom, frustration, or while intoxicated. Your emotions can play a huge role when it comes to using proper judgement and making careless mistakes.

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