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Casino Slot Tournaments Vs. Online Slot Tournaments

Differences in Playing Casino and Online Slot Tournaments

Do you enjoy playing online slots? Do you have a certain strategy that tends to give you some reliable and excellent returns? If you answered yes to both questions then you are probably a great candidate for an online slots tournament.

Now, before you begin saying that you don’t want to sit down for a marathon of slots games, you should note that there is a huge difference between online slot tournaments and casino slot tournaments. While casino tournaments see players seated for great lengths of time at the designated machines, most online slots tournaments actually last no more than ten or twenty minutes and use a different approach to the entire tournament concept.

The key to the online slot tournaments is to use the coins provided as quickly as possible and in the most productive ways possible. This is the key difference between online slot tournaments and casino slot tournaments – any coins remaining at the end of play are viewed differently. While a casino tournament goes until every player’s credits are used up, an online tournament has a set period of time, and if there are credits remaining it may impact the player’s score.

The rest of the details about the tournaments tend to be somewhat similar. Both the online slot tournaments and the casino slot tournaments ask the players to use the same game and try to win the most money possible. No one in a tournament is risking their own money because the games and the machines are set for credits only. The way that a player gets a “seat” in either variety of tournament is to simply pay the entrance fee.

This is also where the online slot tournaments and the casino slot tournaments are similar as well, because they reward the winner with a cash payout based on the number of participants and the amount of the entry fee. Interestingly enough, online and “brick and mortar” casinos usually draft players for their tournaments from the mailing lists of registered club members. While online casinos all offer loyalty clubs or special slots clubs, so too do the physical casinos as well. One difference on this issue is that many of the online slot tournaments are offered at a no-fee arrangement, but still provide cash payments. This is usually part of the membership bonus agreement created when the player signed up for an account with the online casino.

Why would people want to play in either the online slot tournaments or the casino slot tournaments? Isn’t it just the luck of the draw? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Both the online and brick and mortar casinos use special programs to generate more wins on the machines and games selected for the tournaments, but there are certain strategies that players develop to take in the largest number of points available. For instance, a player might study the game to be used in the tournament and realize that only by making “max” wagers are they likely to hit bonus features which deliver the largest number of points possible.

Best Online Slot Tournaments for US Players

Us Slot Tournaments


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