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Casino Betting Systems

Explains a Variety of Betting Systems

Betting systems and casino games go hand in hand. Players assume that they can beat the house and by finding a specific betting system to the game they want to play they will be able to accomplish this. Casinos love people with this thought process. Excluding card counting, a betting system will not provide you with the advantage you are looking for. Sure you can search online and find multiple theories for roulette and even slots, but the likely hood that these systems ever changing the edge the house has on the player is slim to none. Two of the more common betting systems include the progression betting system and hedge system. Both of these are explained below.

Progression Betting System

This type of betting system calls for the player to increase the number of units they bet when they are winning and pull back when they lose. The theory behind this is if you were to win $20 on a bet, you would then increase your next bet by either a full unit or half a unit, meaning your next bet would be $30 or $40. If you lost that bet you would go back down to your initial wager and start again. Using this system you would be better to bet a half unit simply because this would allow you to at least keep part of your original win. Even if you lost the $30 you would still have a $10 win from your previous bet. Some players attempt this but neglect to drop back down when they are losing. Often they are simply trying to recover their losses by doubling their bets. This type of betting is referred to as a negative progression system and is used in the Martingale System. Do not attempt this as you will go bust quickly.

Hedge Betting System

A hedge betting system is a few bets which are set to offset the other. As an example in a game of roulette, a player who is hedge betting would place their chips on two numbers or a group of numbers. Thus if one lost and the other won, they would be able to recoup their loss from the other.

Although most systems will provide no real solid winning streak if applied properly can help you manage your bankroll. The problem is most players don’t have the necessary will needed to do this and simply end up giving it back to the casino.

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