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Playing Three Reel Slots

Simulated Reel Slot Machines

The absolute best thing about playing slot machines is the variety you receive. Slot machines come in all different types with various payouts, graphics, features and even paylines. This article will discuss the reel slot, also referred to as a three reel slot machine.

The three reel slot machine is the classic slot and although today’s models don’t look anything like the original, the principle behind them is the same. The original slot machine was created by Charles Fey in 1895 and was nothing short of 100 lbs of cast iron, with 3 reels in tact that had fruit shaped symbols attached to them and paid out in gum. This very simple concept lead to what we have today and continues to be the general idea behind the three reel slots.

The reel slots are exactly that, mechanical slot machines that have wheels (aka reels) along with symbols and blanks placed strategically along the reel. The common reel slots have three reels and the symbols are often pieces of fruit, bars or the number 7. The reels each have the same number of spaces and the blanks are used to give you the impression of a near miss. If you align three of the same symbols the machine pays out based on the payout charts. The blanks make the game more complex because they will stop on the reel resulting in a loss.

Reel slots aren’t always limited to just a single payline. In fact games like Blazing 7’s and Double Diamond Deluxe give players the opportunity to play multiple lines on the three reel slot. Players normally bet one to three coins on each payline with payouts prorated based on the number of coins and lines wagered.

In today’s market the mechanical reel slots have been replaced by simulated slot machines to give players the feel of a real three reel slot, however the actual wheels have been removed. The games are often computer simulated by using video graphics to give you that authentic feel. The problem with this is because the games are computerized, the odds based on probabilities increases due to the number of blanks and symbols on a single reel which attributes to the higher jackpots available in most of the modern games.

There really isn’t much difference from playing reel slots at home vs. the casino, other than the fact your in your own home. Like the simulated reel slots, online slots provide users with the same general idea. The casinos use computer graphics, animation and sound to try and give the feel of the “real thing” from the comfort of your own home. Again the odds and possible combinations of winning are huge and probably higher than that of a land based casino. But overall, the online reel slots are quite similar to the land based casinos.

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