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Progressive Slots

Playing Progressive Slots Online

Progressive slots are the top played slot machine online, and one of the biggest money drainers for the average slots player. Most progressive slots guarantee thousands if not millions in some cases in jackpot prize pools and can ultimately change someone’s life when won. The land based progressives in the US casinos offer up incredible jackpots. In fact one of the largest progressive slot jackpots ever won was on a Bally’s slot called Mega Bucks and paid out 22,000,000 to a single player.

For the online player, there are plenty of progressive slots to choose from with varying prize pools. Real Time Gaming’s slot machines are our #1 choice in that these games give you two different progressive slot jackpots. The first progressive is your standard one, in that players need to bet the minimum bet in order to qualify and must hit the required symbols on the winning paylines to get paid. The second type they carry are random progressive slots. These games award a much smaller prize when hit, but your odds of hitting are greatly improved since the jackpots pay out on random, not by how much you bet or hitting the right symbols.

Progressive slots, just like any slot machine has its benefits and drawbacks. The biggest positive is of course the huge jackpot that can be won from a single spin. On the same note these games cost a lot more than your standard slot machine, because most progressive slots require the player to bet a certain amount in order to qualify. You’ll probably experienced this when playing at a land based casino where you bet a quarter instead of the full $0.75 and missed out on a payout because of not betting the minimum bet. Another downfall to playing progressives are the odds stacked against you. The reality is you will probably never win. The odds of winning a progressive slot jackpot when playing a globally linked machine is significantly higher than winning the Powerball lottery game. Even though the bells go off in the casino every few minutes, the odds that were against the winning player we so astronomically huge that they will likely never hit another payday again in their life even if they played daily. With all this taken into consideration, why do people even bother playing progressive slots? The jackpots!

Above we mentioned a globally linked slot machine so now we’ll explain the three different progressive slots you can play - Stand Alone, Globally Linked, Locally Linked.

Globally Linked Progressive Slot Machines

Most US casinos use a globally linked slot machine, which means the games are linked to each other in multiple casinos. When a player places a bet, a small percentage of that bet is placed into the prize pool. This happens at every casino where the slot machine is linked to which is also the reason the globally linked slot machine jackpots increase huge. The number of slot machines linked globally can vary from a few hundreds to thousands which means the odds of winning a globally linked progressive jackpot is very high.

Stand Alone Progressive Slot Machines

A stand alone progressive is a game where the player plays only against the machine, not other players. Stand alone progressives have a single jackpot with the money collected from each wager on that machine added to the jackpot. These games offer a significantly smaller payout than a globally linked machine and are usually three reel slots.

Locally Linked Progressive Slot Machines

A locally linked progressive slot are a group of slot machines linked together but no where near as many games linked as the global. In a land based casino, these games are often placed in sets and only the wagers placed on a particular set of games within that casino will go towards the jackpot. Again the odds of winning are less than the globally linked progressives, but still higher than the stand alone games. Since there are multiple machines linked together, the prize pools tend to be a bit higher than the stand alone machines.

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