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Slot Machines and Types of Online Slots

Information about different types of slot machines available online

The slot machine is one of the top casino game generating revenue for any casino whether its land based or online. Slots are essentially the cash cow for the casino because the odds against the player are incredibly high - meaning nearly all players will lose eventually. Although the odds are stacked against the player, slot machines are still the number one choice of game when playing at a casino.

Why Are Slots So Popular If It's a Losing Game?

Slots are popular because they are fun. With games like Blackjack or Baccarat, you pretty much wait on a winning hand and for some players this can become quite boring especially if those wining hands do not come. Slot machines give you an additional entertainment value not seen in the other games through the features they support, such as bonus rounds or the mega-sized jackpots. Players know they will eventually lose or in most cases lose right off the bat, but these features negate the losses they receive

Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines have evolved enourmously over the last 100 years.Today players have multiple machines to choose from including features, bonus rounds, payouts etc. This is another reason the slot machine is the number one played casino game. Players have a wide selection of slot machines to choose from. Below are some of the more common types of slot machines you will find online or while playing at a land based casino. Each summary includes a link that will take you to a more in-depth article explaining how that particular game works and where you can play that style of slot machine online.

Progressive Slots - The progressive slot is by far the more popular choice among slot players. These games give you the ultimate payday with each game taking a small portion of the bets placed and placing the funds in a prize pool, also known as the jackpot. Each bet made increases the jackpot value and depending on which progressive slot you play, the jackpot can easily reach into the millions. There are three main types of progressive slots - Locally Linked, Stand Alone, and Locally Linked.

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Video Bonus Slots - Bonus video slots are all the rage these days with software developers competing to create new features and improving the performance of their games along with sharp graphics. Bonus video slots do cost more than a standard three-reel slot machine, as the games usually require you to play more than one line in order to qualify for the big payouts. These games often include free spin features, scatters that multiply your wins, wild symbols and featured bonus rounds.

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Three Reel Slots - The three-reel slot is the basic slot machine and even now more than 100 years after the Liberty Slot was created it still holds the same structure as the original game. A three-reel slot allows players to bet on a single or multiple pay lines but has none of the fancy features the bonus video slot offers. The game is as basic as you can get when thinking slot machine, however it is still a well-played game. For more information check our three reel slot article which also explains where you can play 3 reel slots online.

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UK Pub Slots - UK Pub Slots also known as Pub Fruity slots are a mix between your typical three reel slot machine and bonus video slots. These games are widely available across Europe however; you can find a number of online casinos supporting the Fruit slots. As the name suggests, fruit slots use fruit shapes for symbols and traditionally have a nudge and hold feature that can trigger a bonus round.

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