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Casino Myths

Debunking Top Myths About Playing at the Casinos

At one time or another you have probably met up with someone who has told you of a way to beat the casino games. There are hundreds of casino myths floating around created by players and have no more truth to them than the standard urban legend. This page provides some of the more common casino myths

Counting Cards is Illegal.

Players are under the impression that casino card counting is illegal especially when playing blackjack. This is not the case. It’s not illegal to count cards, but it’s defiantly not something the casino approves of and has every right to ask the player to leave.

If You Tip Better the Dealer Will Give You Better Cards

Although we would all love to pay off the dealer in hopes of better cards this will not happen. The casinos uses a shoe to shuffle the decks, swap out decks after a fixed amount of hands and in some cases, depending on the game use as many as 8 decks of cards are in play at once. The dealer will never be able to provide you with better cards simply because you think tipping the dealer better will help you win more. It’s impossible to do. Although you may end up with a friendlier dealer by being extra generous, the outcome of the game will not change no matter how much money you give him. Save your money, you cant win more by tipping the dealers more!

Hot and Cold Games

Everyone at one point jumps into a game because the action is in full swing or a slot machine seems to be on fire. Likewise they will avoid a game if it appears to be running cold. There is no such thing as a hot or cold slot machine, nor are there any hot or cold tables. Just because a table seems to be running good doesn’t mean the next roll of the die or cards laid on the table will also have the same run. The games are entirely random

Casinos Only Comp the Big Players

The casino comp program is available for all players no matter how many visits you make to the casino or how much you play. The programs are constructed so they will award each player based on their VIP status. While it may seem that the casinos only comp the high rollers, players who play smaller denominations can still receive free meals, accommodations and entertainment by simply remembering to use their rewards cards each time they visit the casino. These rewards cards collect points at both slots, craps, baccarat and other casino games and can give you some additional benefits. If you feel that you aren’t receiving the best comp service out there, shop around at other casinos and find one that suits your playing habits. Casinos do accommodate their patrons...sometimes you just need to ask.

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